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New Blog Entry: Range<T> class now available in The Central Maven Repository


New Blog Entry: hamcrest-reflection uploaded to Maven Central


New Blog Entry: JAX-RS 2.0: A first interim report


New Blog Entry: Dead Technology Everywhere I Go



Presented: Web 3.0: The Semantic Web and HTML 5 (Updated) at Praktikantentage 2011, ADV Böblingen, on April 18th


Interview on JAX-RS 2.0

IT Republik JAXenter asked for a short interview on JAX-RS 2.0.

A short introduction to the targets and time frame of the second edition of Java API for RESTful WebServices can be found on the JAXenter portal of IT Republik.


Serving at the JAX-RS 2.0 Expert Group

Release 2.0 of Java's RESTful API covers Client API and HATEOAS.

Recently the JCP announced that JSR 399 (JAX-RS 2.0) formed it's expert group. So now it is official: I am part of it. My main drivers are: Ensuring that extensions like WebDAV and OpenSEARCH still will be possible and supported by the new Client API and HATEOAS support, and processing field feedback out of the daily use of JAX-RS 1.1.


New Code: Range class

Generic implementation of the "Range" pattern allows smart phrasing on "is this value inside that limits?".

Download this free java class to replace length terms by a simple if (range.contains(value)).


New Blog Entry: Release late, release rarely


New Blog Entry: Making Windows find JARs like it finds EXEs and CMDs


New Blog Entry: Excited about cite


New Blog Entry: Apple finally permits Java on the iPhone - When will Oracle deliver?


New Blog Entry: Using Enumerations in for-each statements - five times faster than the JRE, without RAM limitations


New Code: Enumerations utility class

Using Enumerations in for-each statements easily

Download this free java class to easily use any Enumeration in a for-each statement in a much faster an unlimited way than Collections.list() allows it.


New Blog Entry: JDBC batch mode support in SQL Anywhere 11.0.1: Better late than never!



Presented: Web 3.0: The Semantic Web at Praktikantentage 2010, ADV Böblingen, on May 11th


New Blog Entry: Web 3.0: Enter the matrix


New Blog Entry: What the heck is going on at former Sun Microsystems?


New Blog Entry: Quick BLOBs Performance Comparison using SQL Anyhwere


New Section: Code

Get your problem solved for free!

Download free code snippets, classes and complete solutions, to learn about new technologies, APIs or just to get things done faster.

Starting from today, there will be source code snippets get published on Head Crashing Informatics, which showcase solutions for several common and not so common problems. Feel free to solve your particular problem with it, or even contain it in your own open source product - and send your feedback to further improve it!


Database Schema Viewer SplashScreen

New Product Download

Database Schema Viewer Evaluation Demo

Download your free evaluation demo of Database Schema Viewer now.

Try out this quick and easy schema inspection utility for an unlimited time. The download is in no way limited, neither functional nor temporal. If you find it useful, obtain your personal licence for just 9.99 €.


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