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Useful code snippets published under GPLv3. Feel free to use in your own project.

  1. 2011-01-01 - Range - Generic implementation of the "Range" pattern. A Range has an upper and lower limit and can tell whether one element is in between. There also is a unit test available. An introduction to the "Range" pattern can be found at Martin FOWLER's web site. To use this class as a LGPL'ed Maven dependency, use the following coordinates: <dependency><groupId>eu.headcrashing.treasure-chest</groupId><artifactId>RangeClass</artifactId><version>[1.2.2, 2)</version></dependency>.
  2. 2010-07-04 - Enumerations - A convenience class allowing Enumerations to be used in for-each statements. Five times faster than Collection.list(), using virtually no heap space..
  3. 2010-03-21 - Logging Servlet Filter - Implementation of Filter logging request and response. Useful when tracing problems with servlets.
  4. 2010-03-21 - Readable HTTP Servlet Response Wrapper - Implementation of HttpServletResponseWrapper allowing external inspection of the wrapped response. Useful when tracing problems with servlets.
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